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Serve Central

Serving is a way to show our community the church is definitely more than a building.


Headbands are worn so face masks hook to the buttons on the headband instead of behind the ear. These headbands will be utilized by local hospice, nursing homes, and health care facilities. You can serve by either sewing or providing the supplies.

Requested supplies:

  • Large elastic hair ties (adult not kid size)
  • Pre-made fabric headbands
  • 1/2 to 3/4 inch size buttons


Harvest Time International is a strategic partner and they have an opportunity for us to help them with food distribution. This is another wonderful opportunity to be the church and demonstrate the church is more than a building!


If you would like to be a part of our prayer network, covering the needs of our church and community, please let us know.

By filling out this form, you are giving us permission to contact you as needs arise! It's time to be the church!

Serving Others, a Next Step at Central 

We serve, not just because there are needs, but live like Jesus. Our desire is to look and behave more like Him. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) Loving others and serving our community is one of the next steps at Central. In doing that, we show Christ’s love and sacrifice for us and others. It gives us the wonderful opportunity to love in both word and deed. 

Elements of serving 


Prayer must be the foundation of anything we do. Unless we build upon prayer, we build upon a foundation that is unsustainable. If we want to see God change lives and communities around us, we must pray. Join us in strategic prayer in strategic places asking God to bless our city, changes lives and love those around us, through us. 

Prayer Opportunities 

• Prayer walks at church campuses 

• Pray for your city, your neighborhood (Prayer walking where you live and work) 

• Prayer walks at our ministry partners 

• Prayer walks at schools 

• Prayer as a lifestyle 

Here is a guide to aid in your prayer walking Prayer Walking Your Neighborhood 

I would like to join the Prayer Team. This team receives specific prayer requests each week and members spend time in prayer for each need. If you would like to join the Prayer Team or want more information, contact the Team Leader: Dr. Glenn Speth  

Serving Others 

We serve others because Christ first served us. Jesus gave His life for us! Christ is the example of love and service that we want to model in our lives and community. Jesus met physical needs as He built a foundation and bridge for the Gospel. As we serve, we do so with the intention of not only meeting physical needs, but also with the intention of building relational bridges to the Gospel. One of the ways we serve the best is to bring the Good News of the Gospel to those who have not clearly heard it. 

Where can you start? Find a team on which to serve. 

This is a ready reserve of people who will meet needs as they arise. The need may be as small as changing a light bulb, minor home repairs, helping someone move or helping with a practical need. Some needs will require more effort and more hands. The Serve Team Leaders will let you know of the need and you can respond if you have time. 

I’d like more information or to join the Serve Team: Mark Adams 

Serve with one of our community partners 

The Pregnancy Center of Sanford 

• Serve in Learn to Earn boutique (Thursdays and as needed) 

• Serve as a counselor (Various days, training required) 

• Serve as a mentor (days are flexible) 

Contact Pregnancy Center

Harvest Time Ministry 

• Sorting and pricing merchandise (Tuesday – Saturday 9-4, minimum of one hour) 

• Help with special events such as Christmas Bag of Joy ministry 

Contact Harvest Time Ministry 

Phone: 407-878-5526 

Email: volunteer@harvesttime.org 

Rescue Outreach Mission Sanford 

• Serve as an encourager/mentor (evening mealtime when you can) 

• Adopt a room to serve clients 

Contact Rescue Outreach Mission 




• Room painting (at pre-scheduled times) 

• Tutoring (at pre-scheduled times) 

• Providing food and paper products (scheduled through women’s ministry) 

• Providing occasional meal or party (scheduled through women’s ministry) 

I’d like to serve here Josh Ramos

Beautiful Feet International 

• Baby Showers- Host a baby shower to collect much needed baby items for children that have little to nothing. 

• Video productions- Need techie people to create video and other media. 

• Administrative Help- Need people willing to type and edit documents. 

• Grant Writing- Need experienced writers or those willing to learn 

• Organizing Baby Supplies- Need people to collect, fold and organize baby clothes and other baby items. Contact Beautiful Feet International Melissa Heiland


A lifestyle of service opens the opportunity to demonstrate and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Serving connects us with others. As you intentionally serve, God connects you with people in whom He is preparing hearts. A great way to build a bridge for sharing the Good News of the Gospel is to invite someone to serve with you. Invite others to join you to serve someone so that they may have the opportunity to meet the One who can radically change their life. 

Jesus spent a lot of His time and energy connecting with those considered outsiders by many people of His day. He ate with them and spent time with them so that they could see and hear the message of the Gospel. That’s why we focus on connecting with those who have yet to clearly hear the Gospel. 

Connecting Intentionally 

• Evangelism Training – You can learn to share the Good News in a conversational manner.

Would you like to learn how to share the Good News? (Link: I’m interested in learning how to share my faith John email) 

• Realizing God has placed people in your life. Who’s Your One? 

• How do I identify my one? 

Think about those you see or come in contact with on a regular basis, especially those who do not know Christ. 

Think about those who, with just a little bit of effort, you could develop a relationship. Who are some possibilities: Your coworkers or fellow students. Your neighbors. Your friends. Your family members. Your customers. Those at your gym. Get the idea? 

What would it look like if you spent this year intentionally pursuing a personal relationship—sharing God’s love, salvation, and freedom in Christ—with them? 

• Why are we focusing on just one, when there are still so many who have never clearly heard the Gospel? 

Research has shown that many who do not know God personally would be open to a conversation about Him with someone they know who will talk to and listen to them. 

Research has shown that 80+% of those without a personal relationship with God would be open to connecting with a group if someone they know would invite and attend with them. 

We may be overwhelmed with the significant numbers of folks who have not clearly heard the Gospel. How can I even begin to tell them? Begin with the one’s already in your life and let the Gospel flow out from there. 

• Where do I start. Start with prayer. We need to spend some time talking with God about people before we spend time talking with people about God. Here’s a good way to begin to pray for those in your life. 

Who’s Your One 30-Day Prayer Guide