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Audio, the why behind what we do along with some basic training material!

Audio. The number one need in a church, without it we cannot have church to the size that we are. This position requires a knowledge of what it takes to make a good mix. We have a full band, plus tracks and occasionally a choir, this means there are a lot of channels to blend together. Bad audio can actually drive people away, or worse distract from worship. Our goal in audio is to create an atmosphere of worship. To do this we spend hours making sure that all levels are appropriate to everything and we keep our room's PA tuned well. Heaven is going to be loud, roaring with the praises of our God. Let's give a picture of that now...but not too loud...It's a fine line to walk to separate the two.

Basic audio signal flow
Learn how to EQ. This also is How to use the presonus audio board in the Hanger
Learn the basics of how to EQ and build a mix.