To reach the lost, we must become servants

To reach the lost, we must become servants

Bible Reading: Philippians 2:3-11; Mark 10:45

If you could swap places with anyone in the world, who would it be? Most of us would choose to be wealthy or famous, but Jesus chose to become a servant. What motivated Christ was His desire to seek and save the lost. But in order to accomplish this mission, He chose to humble Himself by taking the form of a servant.

But what does it mean to be a servant? A servant puts the needs and preferences of others before himself. He does not demand that his wishes be met, but humbly lays down his “rights” for the good of others.

When the disciples argued about who would be the greatest in heaven, Jesus told them that whoever is the greatest servant on earth will be the greatest in the Kingdom of God. How surprising this must have been for them!

Most of us view greatness as accumulating wealth, being in a position of leadership, or having a lot of power. Yet, Jesus tells us that true greatness in the eyes of God looks like grabbing a towel and washing the feet of your friends.

Do you want to reach the lost world and become great in the Kingdom of God? Then seek to become a servant. Sacrifice your personal preferences and agenda for God’s. I can guarantee you that the mission is worth the sacrifice.

Who can you serve today? How can you demonstrate love to that person through an act of kindness or service?

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