Through Jesus we can have peace with God and the peace of God

Through Jesus we can have peace with God and the peace of God

Bible Reading: Romans 5:1-2

One of the great questions most people ponder in life is this, “Does God really love me?” How can we know that God loves us? Yes, I know that Jesus died and rose from the dead, but how does that really give me assurance that I am right with God.

At times, we can feel distant and cold in our relationship with God. Reflecting on the gospel of Jesus Christ and our position in Christ is a sure way to get us excited about God again. These verses describe three keys blessings we receive through Christ.  In Christ, we have peace with God, access to God’s unending grace and hope of future glory.

God tells us, “You want to know how much I love you? I sent my Son to die for you to give you a new life and a right relationship with me.” Jesus has done EVERYTHING necessary for you and I to be right with God. Our assurance is not based on who we are, or what we have done, but who Jesus is and what He has done for us.  We have peace with God, unending grace and a hope of the glory that is to come.

As we prepare for Easter, we must live deeply in the fact that Jesus has made us right with our Creator. We can have peace like a river and joy like a fountain all because of Jesus. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, we know that the best is yet to come!

When is the last time you praised God for saving you? Spend time today thinking about God’s grace in your life and the future glory that awaits you in Christ.

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