Disaster Relief

Brad Gwartney, Stetson Baptist Church – Administration & Discipleship Pastor

Following recent hurricanes, many churches were not ready for the difficulties and ministry opportunities that followed. What does it mean to be a “Disaster Ready Church?” Together we will discover how Florida Baptist Disaster Relief supports churches and communities following a disaster and how to leverage this ministry before and after the storm.

Kid’s Ministry on Mission in a Stimulated World

Mary Eppl, Central Baptist Church – Kids’ Ministry Director

Today’s families and kids are “stimulated” by a variety of distractions.  Add to that, living in the number one vacation destination full of theme parks, beaches, and entertainment.  How do we keep our ministry on mission while staying relevant in the world?

Surviving an Adversarial Church Revitalization

Dan Glenn – Lead Pastor of Stetson Baptist Church

Church Revitalization is not for the faint of heart. Come learn from the story of a revitalization process that included lawsuits, anonymous letters, 3-hour business meetings, threats of firing, etc. Oh… and after surviving all of that, the church is doing better than ever today.

Transitioning of Corporate Worship

Rick Grabowski, Central Baptist Church – Worship Pastor

Carlos Martinez, Stetson Baptist Church – Worship Pastor

Changes in technology, musical style, presentation, and décor, can be difficult subjects for many churches. In this session, we will discuss how to avoid worship wars, and brainstorm ideas that could work for your ministry.

Ministering to Hispanics in the United States

Josh Ramos, Central Baptist Church – Downtown Campus Pastor

We live in a time where some refer to “Hispanics” or “Latinos” as a race. Anyone with a desire to effectively minister to Hispanics in the United States must understand the many variables among each Latino group, including the differences between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Hispanics and the similarities of their idiosyncrasies. There is more to it than simply knowing how to speak Spanish.

Keeping the Evangelism Fires Burning

Alan Brumback, Central Baptist Church – Lead Pastor

As church leaders it is easy to get distracted from the task of evangelism in your church. Learn how to cultivate and sustain a culture of evangelism in your church.

The Importance of Clarity in Church Communication

Casey Sherman, Central Baptist Church – Communications Director

If you confuse, you’ll lose. In case that was confusing for you, it means any company or business that’s too complicated for customers to understand won’t have many customers at all. In other words, clarity is key.The church has a product of sorts to market. We still have customers that we need to “sell” to. And we have a message that we need to get this audience to understand. The nuances of a church business may be different, but the principle of clarity still applies.

The Church’s Blind Spot: The Why and How of College & Young Adult Ministry

Mike Korgan, Central Baptist Church – College and Young Professionals Minister

Much of the work that is successfully done in Children and Student Ministry is often undone by the lack of intentionality that occurs in the season of life that directly follows. Because of this, there is a massive blind spot in the church’s goal of staying on mission. During this breakout, we will look at the “Whys” and “Hows” of College and Young Professionals Ministry.

Church Security: When Do You Call the Cops? –

Jay Welbaum & Mike Hawkins – Seminole County Sheriff’s Department

Considering current events, churches need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to church security. Join two of Seminole County Sheriff Department’s finest as they share ideas and procedures for enhanced security and safety on your church campus.

Your Church’s Prayer Life – Is it vital, Victorious and Visited by God?

Glenn Rogers, Seminole Baptist Association – Director of Missions

Does your church run on strategy or supplication, on personality or on prayer? How can a church learn to live dependably on God through prayer.

Student Ministry: Living Towards The Mission

Akil Mims, Central Baptist Church – Student Pastor

The most successful student ministries do what? The most successful student ministries have what? The most successful student ministries attempt to produce what? These three questions can illicit a wide variety of answers. Some will be blatantly wrong. Some will be less wrong. We want to gather together to discuss and dissect the answers to these three questions.

Sharper Discipleship

John Long, Central Baptist Church – Outreach & Missions Pastor

The Great Commission mandates that we make disciples. On that, there is general agreement. The question becomes, “What does a disciple look like in the 22ndCentury?” And if we figure that out, “How do we help people become that?” Let’s discover a strategy for doing this that could work in your church.

Women in Ministry

April Brumback, Central Baptist Church

Lucy Long, Central Baptist Church

Whether you serve on staff, lead a ministry, or are married to a staff member, women bring so much to the table to help enhance the ministry of the church.  You will be encouraged and challenged in this session to reach your full potential in the role you serve in.

Church Planting Landmines

Cam Triggs, Grace Alive Church – Lead Pastor

How you start can often determine how you finish. That’s why the topic of church plant health is essential before church planters are sent into the hostile world of missions. If you are a church planter, missions pastor, or represent some form of leadership in a Sending Church then this workshop is for you. Come learn tips, strategies, and advice for planting healthy churches and avoiding the landmines that could destroy a new gospel work before it even starts.

Staying on Mission within Church Leadership

Clayton Cloer, Church of the Cross – Senior Pastor

There are so many distractions when you are leading in the church.  Whether you are a Pastor or lead a ministry you can unintentionally be de-railed from your main purpose by doing “what’s pressing” instead of “what’s important.” Through this session you will learn practical how-to’s for staying on your main mission and making a difference for Christ.

How to be a SENDing Church

James Peoples, North American Mission Board – South Florida’s SEND Region Missionary

We talk a lot about church planting and while so many churches love the idea, they do not know the steps to planting a church or partnering with a church plant.  Through this session you will learn how to be a Sending Church and the wide variety of ways your church can be a part of the church planting movement.