Central Baptist | SHARPER! Conference
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Leading for a Change

Every pastor, unless he is a church planter, is a revitalizer. Revitalization involves moving the church towards life and away from atrophy. To do that requires change and no one really likes change. Join Pastor Alan Brumback as he shares leadership lessons in the past years at Central; both successes and mistakes.

Church Planting: Nuts and Bolts

A lot of people want to plant a church, but understand it’s harder than it looks. Learn from Pastor Cam Triggs about his adventure in church planting and the experiences he’s had by working with Summit Church in Raleigh North Carolina. Join in the discussion on the challenges of church planting in our area.

It’s Culture Stupid!

It’s been said that ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ Many churches think that new programs or strategies will fix their problems, but it’s all about culture. Join Clayton Cloer as he shares how to build a church culture that is healthy that people from all backgrounds can come and be developed.

Student Ministry: Meeting them Where They Are

Student ministry is not like it used to be. It’s hard to bridge the gap between generations because of the rapid changes in society and culture. Join Central’s Student Pastor Akil Mims and student ministry team to talk about how to engage students where they are and using your passions to step out of your comfort zone to reach the next generation.

The Role of Prayer in Church Transitions

Do we sometimes give prayer only lip service? How do we mesh prayer proactively into personal and church leadership decisions? Our Lord and His word give us clear patterns in this area. Join Glenn Rogers, Seminole Association Area Missionary, as we talk about a pastor’s prayer life and transition.

Moving into a Digital Age

Learn how we can join the rest of the world in digitally marketing to a screen-based generation. Promote church and church events on free or next-to-free platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Discuss with Central’s Communications Director and team on how to do media and graphics that are appealing and effective.

Making Disciples

The mandate for the church is disciple-making, yet many churches don’t have a strategy or a metric for it. Join Central’s Discipleship Pastor Jared Mitcham for tips on how to lead people to spiritual maturity in the church.

Kid’s Ministry: It’s more than Flannel Boards and Kool-Aid

Children’s and Pre-school ministry isn’t for wimps. It’s more than just flannel boards and Kool-Aid. There are unique challenges in volunteer recruitment, training, parental involvement, scheduling and curriculum. It requires creativity, planning and a lot of patience. Join Central’s Children’s and Pre-School directors to discuss the successes and challenges of Children’s Ministry.

Are You Insured for that? Insurance Matters

In a day of insurance confusion, churches need to be prepared in making sure they are properly insured and that their staff has the right kind of insurance to protect their family and limited exposure. Join Mel Himes and Caple Howden as they share years of experience in both property, liability and personal insurance.

Church Security: When do you call the Cops?

Considering current events, churches need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to church security. Join Pastor Dave Farr and two of Seminole County Sheriff Department’s Finest as they share ideas and procedures for enhanced security and safety on your church campus.

Navigating Through Worship & Media Transitions

Few leadership challenges are trickier than modernizing a church’s worship style and technology, because it’s not just about music. How do you transition and shift the worship culture of the church without destroying the church? How do you enhance technology when you are broke? Join Central’s worship and media team as we talk through these issues and so much more.

Women in Ministry

Join some of the pastor’s wives at Central for a discussion of the unique challenges and opportunities women in ministry face. Women in ministry are essential to the furtherance of God’s Kingdom. At Sharper! Conference 2018, we are providing an avenue where pastors’ wives and women serving in leadership can network, learn, and grow from one another. We will be serving a special lunch for the ladies and a special breakout session for you. We will be giving away FREE resources and goodies. You don’t want to miss this incredible event!