What is Awana?

If you are new to Awana, please visit the offi­cial Awana page for more infor­ma­tion about Awana.

How do I reg­is­ter my child for Awana?

You can reg­is­ter your child when you arrive at the begin­ning of the night.  You may also download a registration form online, com­plete the form, and bring it with you to club.  Give your com­pleted reg­is­tra­tion form as well as your pay­ment to one of our Awana sec­re­taries.  Please make check pay­ments out to “Cen­tral Bap­tist Church”.

How much does Awana cost?

Each club­ber in Awana is required to pur­chase a hand­book and uni­form.  These items are cru­cial to your child’s involve­ment in Awana and will be used on a weekly basis.  The price of a hand­book and uni­form vary depend­ing on the cur­rent price being charged by Awana.  A reg­is­tra­tion fee of $5.00 (for a return­ing club­ber) or $10.00 (for a new club­ber) helps to cover the ini­tial start up cost asso­ci­ated with the Awana pro­gram each year.  The reg­is­tra­tion fee is used to pur­chase training/curriculum mate­r­ial and other sup­plies needed to begin the year.  Lastly, a weekly due of $0.50 is used to pur­chase awards, sup­ple­ment the cost of spe­cial events and pro­vide items for the Awana store. For our cur­rent fee sched­ule please refer to the sec­ond page of our reg­is­tra­tion form.

Through­out the year spe­cial events are held for indi­vid­ual clubs.  At times some events (for exam­ple, Sur­vivor Night or Grand Prix) require an addi­tional fee to help with the cost of t-shirts, derby cars and spe­cial equipment.

Are there schol­ar­ships available?

Our desire is that no child would be left out of Awana due to finan­cial hard­ship.  There­fore, we make schol­ar­ships avail­able to fam­i­lies expe­ri­enc­ing finan­cial dif­fi­culty.  If you would like to apply for a schol­ar­ship, please download our Awana Scholarship Request Form and return it to one of our Awana Sec­re­taries or our Awana Commander.

What are the dates and times for Awana?

Awana takes place from 5:00 — 7:00 pm on Sun­day nights.

All of our club dates are listed on our most current Parent Handbook. We typically begin the first Sunday after labor day and end the first Sunday in May. We also take 4-5 weeks off in December for Christmas break.

What club should my child be reg­is­tered for?

There are four clubs to choose from depend­ing on your child’s age or grade in school.

  • Pug­gles — For older two year olds.
  • Cub­bies — For threes through Pre-K
  • Sparks — For K through 2nd graders.
  • Truth and Train­ing — For 3rd through 6th graders.

 Does my child need to pur­chase a book?

  • Yes, if your child is start­ing a new club.
  • Yes, if your child is a Cub­bie. Cub­bies buy a new book each year.
  • Yes, if your child is stay­ing in the same group, but fin­ished their book from last year.
  • No, if your child is stay­ing in the same group, but did not fin­ish their book from last year.

Note: If your child is new to Awana they need to start in Book 1 for their group regard­less of their grade.

Does my child need to pur­chase a uniform?

Yes, if your child is new to Awana or is start­ing a new club this year. Each club has their own uni­form. Since chil­dren may remain in one club for mul­ti­ple years, try to select a size of uni­form that will last them their time dur­ing the club. Awana uni­forms run small, so please order one size larger than your child’s nor­mal size.

When will my child receive their items I purchase?

Hand­books and uni­forms usu­ally come within one week of when we place the order. For new club­bers, they must com­plete the entrance book­let for their club before receiv­ing their uni­form and handbook.

Do I need to pur­chase the CD and handbag?

These items are help­ful, but not required. We have found that club­bers mem­o­rize verses faster when they are set to music.  Since the Pug­gles do not focus on mem­o­riz­ing verse, but learn­ing bib­li­cal con­cepts, their CD includes praise music rather than bible verses.  All other CD’s put the Bible verses your child is mem­o­riz­ing to music.

Can I vol­un­teer for Awana?

Yes. We would love to talk to you more about serving in Awana.  Your first step is to complete a volunteer application. Visit our volunteer page to find out more information.(edit)