Vertical Love


What is Vertical Love?

God created us to and for love. Our highest calling is to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love others as we love ourselves. God is also the One who ordained marriage to be a good institution with one man and one woman for one lifetime. Yet, we live in a world that has distorted love and, by ourselves, we don’t really know how to love as we should. The good news is that God has written a book specifically to address love and marriage. This book is the Song of Solomon. Over the next seven weeks (beginning on January 4th) we will discover how we can love God, our spouses and one another as God intended. It all starts by understanding Vertical Love.

What will be happening during the series?

  1. Seven weeks of sermons from the book of Song of Solomon (all sermon notes and audio available here)
  2. Parents Night Out – Date Nights: Five Saturdays (January 10th through February 7th), 5-8pm, and then on Friday (February 13th), 6-9pm. (click here for more information)
  3. All Co-Ed Sunday Morning Small Groups will be going through the Art of Marriage
  4. Question/Answer Sessions on Sunday Evenings to address the topics of love, romance, sexuality, dating and more.
  5. Wedding Vow Renewal and Recommitment Service on February 15th.