Family & Roots


Growing up my dad was in the Air Force, so I have lived in Texas, Virginia and England.  Currently, I live in Sanford, Florida with my Wife Angie and our two children (Alayna 5 and Analeise 3). We have been part of Central Baptist since 2013.  I work full-time as Flight Instructor for a flight school in the Sanford area. I have had the privilege of taking a Women’s Army Airforce Service Pilot (WASP WWII Vet) up in one of my school’s modern Aircraft.  I started serving bi-vocationally as the Technical Arts Director in 2015.




I came to know Jesus as my Savior at the age of 12 after watching some movies about the tribulation.  As a result to those movies, I was scared and knew that would happen to me if I did not accept Jesus as my Savior. Two nights later I talked to my mom about it and she showed me how to accept Jesus.




Pensacola Christian College:

  • Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Youth Ministry with an Emphasis in Church Music. 2004
  • Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership. 2006


Delta Connection Academy:

  • Private, Instrument, Commercial multi and single- engine Airplane rating as well as Certified Flight Instructor Airplane and instrument.


I like learning new stuff!