Safety Training Quiz

Welcome to your Children's Ministry Safety Training. You must answer score a 100 (out of 110) to pass. If you miss any questions, please retake the quiz.

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Before taking this quiz, you must review our safety policies. Have you done this already?
Volunteers may be denied the opportunity to serve with children for the following reasons:
Any volunteer who wishes to serve in a teaching position must be
If you become aware of sexual abuse, you should
There must be at least volunteers supervising children at all times.
You may allow elementary aged children to leave on their own at the end of class.
Elementary age children are allowed to go on bathroom breaks by themselves.
If a baby or preschooler needs a diaper change, the volunteer must be
Which of the following would be considered inappropriate forms of touch?
Volunteers are allowed to treat minor injuries before a parent arrives.
An incident report form should only be completed when an injury is serious.
Accurate attendance records are important because