Jesus is our substitute to save us from our Sins

Jesus is our substitute to save us from our Sins

Bible Reading: Isaiah 52:12-53:12

Seven hundred years before Jesus was born in a cave outside of the city of Bethlehem, Isaiah the prophet predicted his mission: to save us. In 42:1,6-7, Isaiah said that Jesus would come to “bring out from prison those who sit in darkness.” In 49:6-7, Isaiah said that Jesus would “bring salvation to the ends of the earth.” In 52:12-53:12, Isaiah tells us how Jesus was going to do it.

Spurgeon said that this passage “takes us to the heart of the human problem and the heart of the divine mind.” Isaiah tells us that the Messiah would humbly enter a world of rebellion and unbelief. This world would despise him, reject him and disrespect him. He would be rejected because he would not endorse our sin or our rebellion. But what Jesus would do is substitute himself for us. Even though we are the sinner, Jesus is the righteous One. Yet He voluntarily and willingly gives His life for our life.

Notice ten times in vs. 4-6, it is our griefs, our sorrows, our transgressions, our iniquities, our chastisement; we have gone astray; we have turned away; to his own way; the iniquity of us all.

Instead of collapsing in grief over our rejection, he bears our griefs. Instead of increasing our sorrows, he carries our sorrows. Instead of avenging our transgressions, he is pierced for them in our place. Instead of crushing us for our iniquities, he is crushed for them as our substitute. All the chastisement and whipping that belong to us for our rebellion he takes on himself in order that we might have peace and be healed.

As we think of the resurrection on Sunday, we must not forget the crucifixion on Friday. Had Jesus not substituted himself for us there would be no way of escaping the just and holy wrath of God. Yet, it pleased the Lord that Jesus should be put in our place. Pastor C.J Mahaney said, “When you are tempted to doubt God’s love for you, stand before the cross and look at the wounded, dying, disfigured, Savior and realize why He is there.” We are the reason, Hallelujah what a Savior!

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