Jesus came to seek and save the Lost

Jesus came to seek and save the Lost

Bible Reading: Luke 19:1-10

There is nothing more frustrating and aggravating than losing something. Many of us have lost keys, wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, etc. I have found that the more valuable the object lost, the harder we go about searching for it. I know I can become neurotic in searching for lost objects and will go to great depths in order to find what is lost.

Jesus came to this earth to seek and save the lost. Who are the lost? We are the lost (you and I). We are not lost in the sense that God doesn’t know where we are and he’s looking for us. We are lost in the fact that we are wayward and running from God. We are sinners who are lost to the power and penalty of sin.

Jesus came on a rescue mission to release us from the bondage of sin, death, hell and the grave. Jesus’ rescue mission required that he die in order to save us and he rose from the dead to prove that He was infinitely successful. Just as Jesus found Zacchaeus in the sycamore tree and changed his life, he has found us where we are and changed our lives through his resurrection power.

This Easter, we need to rejoice that Jesus found us and He saved us! We should rejoice in being no longer lost, but infinitely found. Praise King Jesus who sought us, bought us and rescued us!

Take time to imagine what your life would be like apart from Christ. How does it feel to know that God pursued you and rescued you from sin’s penalty? How ought we to live in light of what God has done for us?

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