God has a purpose for your life

God has a purpose for your life

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:18-20

When I was in grade school we used the word “busy work” to describe tasks that had no real purpose but were only intended to keep us busy. Before I became a follower of Jesus, my life felt like busy work. I was simply drifting through life trying to squeeze as much pleasure out of it as I could. But at the end of the day, it all felt pointless.

But when Christ entered my life He gave me a very important job to do. And He has given you the same job. To make disciples!

In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus is ending His three-year ministry on earth. He had completed His work of salvation by dying on the cross for our sins and being raised back to life. But in addition to accomplishing His rescue mission, He was training the twelve disciples to begin a disciple-making movement.

He brought them through a three-year training program that was intended to launch them out on a mission to win the lost, train up more disciple makers, and send them into the world.

When you gave your life to Jesus, you agreed to submit to His agenda for your life. The good news is that your life now has purpose. He wants you to grow in your relationship with Him, learn how to make disciples and send them out to continue this movement.

But in order to be a disciple-maker, you must first be a disciple.

Are you growing as a disciple of Jesus? Have you submitted your life to God? Are you pursuing spiritual maturity? How are you preparing yourself to be a disciple-maker?

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