Family Devotion – Joel, Prophet to Judah

Family Devotion – Joel, Prophet to Judah


Get everyone’s attention by playing a song. Gather around the dinner table, on the couch, or another comfortable location that works for your family. Open in prayer and ask God to bless this time.


Kids will look forward to family devotions if we can make it a fun and engaging time for everyone. Try out one of these activities this week.

1. Follow these instructions to make a homemade sundial. Talk to your kids about why we wait eagerly for Christ to return.

2. Play a listening  game. Pick one child to be “it”. You will give this child instructions of things to do while everyone else is also giving the child instructions. Your child should only listen to your voice. Discuss how hard or easy it was to follow your instructions in the midst of so much noise. Talk about the importance of listening to God’s instructions each day.

3. Win or lose? Flip a coin and ask your child to guess heads or tails. If they are correct, they get a point. If the are wrong, they lose a point. Play several rounds. Discuss how God’s judgment is not random or based on luck. We can know that we will be forgiven of our sins if we trust in Jesus Christ.


Read directly from the Bible, use a children’s Bible, or summarize the story in your own words. The Bible story this week is from Joel 1-3. Here is the gist of the story:

1. Judah had been living in sin.

2. God sent locusts to get His people’s attention.

3. Joel warned about the Day of the Lord.

4. God warned His people to repent before the Day of the Lord.


1. Why did God want His people ot repent before the Day of the Lord?

2. How can we be prepared for the Day of the Lord?

3. Will the Day of the Lord be scary for people who trust in Jesus? Why not?


Joel warned God’s people about the Day of the Lord-a day when God will judge His enemies, free His people, and make the world right again. Those who trust in  Jesus will escape God’s punishment for sin. Jesus was punished in our place, and we share in His righteousness.


1. God is patient with us so that would repent. However, if we ignore God’s warnings, eventually judgment will come.

2. God gives us many opportunities to repent. We should pray that God would give us sensitive hearts so that we would be quick to turn from sin.

3. We should call on the Lord to be saved while we have the opportunity. Those who trust in Jesus will be saved from the day of judgment.


Singing is an important way to reinforce and memorize important biblical truths. Our worship pastor has provided links to songs your kids will actually hear in our worship service each week.


Take a moment to recap what you’ve learned and ask God to help you believe and obey the truths of the Bible. Pray for any other needs you are aware of as well.

*The majority of this content is provided on our take home page and teachers guides included with The Gospel Project curriculum.

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