Family Devotion – Job

Family Devotion – Job

Bible Reading for this Week

Directions: Read the Bible story as a family this week. If the story is too long, use a children’s bible or summarize the story in your own words.

Job 1-42

Bible Story Main Points

  • Job was righteous and wealthy.
  • God allowed Satan to take everything from Job.
  • Job didn’t understand what was happening, and questioned God.
  • God reminded Job that He is all-powerful, sovereign, and good.


Family Devotion Outline

  • Gather everyone for worship.
  • Make it fun:
    • Find a way for your family to help someone who is less fortunate. Write a card to someone who is sick, donate items to a homeless shelter, or find another way to serve others.  Talk to them about how god’s goodness flows from Jesus through us.
    • On a paper plate, have your child draw a smiley face on one side and a frowny face on the other. Describe different scenarios and ask if they would feel happy about it or sad. Discuss the importance of trusting in God even when sad things happen in our life.
    • Find a puzzle and grab one piece from the puzzle. Ask your child to describe the entire puzzle based on the one piece. When your child struggles, explain that we often only see one small piece of the picture, but God see’s the entire picture and knows how it all fits together. Because he is wise and sovereign, we can trust him even when we are confused about what’s happening in our life.
  • Read the story. (Use a story bible for preschoolers and younger kids)
  • Ask the discussion questions:
    • Who is always in control, even in hard times?
    • How can we know that God is good?
    • How do you think Job felt after God spoke with him?
  • Discuss the Christ Connection.
  • Sing a worship song.
  • Close in prayer.


Christ Connection

Directions: Use the Christ Connection to point your children to the gospel each week.

Job suffered and wanted a mediator – someone to bring him to God. This reminds us of Jesus, who suffered even though He had never sinned. Jesus is our Mediator. He suffered to pay the price for our sins and put an end to suffering on earth. Jesus brings ut o God when we trust in Him.

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