Family Devotion – Elisha and Naaman

Family Devotion – Elisha and Naaman

Gather Everyone for Worship and Pray

Get everyone’s attention by playing a song. Gather around the dinner table, on the couch, or another comfortable location that works for your family. Open in prayer and ask God to bless this time.

Make it Fun.

Kids will look forward to family devotions if we can make it a fun and engaging time for everyone. Try out one of these activities this week.

  • Ask your church leadership about any sick or elderly people in your congregation who may be home bound. Plan an outing with your family to visit them, bring them a meal, or pray over them for healing.
  • Play Simon Says. Discuss how Naaman had to do exactly what God told him to do, even if he thought it was silly.
  • The Number 7 Relay. Have a race where everyone does things 7 times. For example 7 push ups, 7 jumping jacks, pick up 7 toys, spin around 7 times. After the race, discuss how Naaman had to do something 7 times in order to be healed by God.

Read the story.

Read directly from the Bible, use a children’s Bible, or summarize the story in your own words. The Bible story this week is from 2 Kings 5. Here is the gist of the story:

  • Naaman suffered from leprosy.
  • Naaman’s servant girl told him about Elisha.
  • Elisha’s instructions for healing disappointed Naaman.
  • Naaman finally obeyed, and God healed Naaman’s skin disease.

Ask the discussion questions.

  • Why do you think the servant girl told Naaman about Elisha?
  • Why was Naaman upset about Elisha’s instructions?
  • How can we be forgiven and healed of our sin?

Discuss the Christ Connection.

Naaman was sick with a skin problem. His disease went away when he trusted God’s instruction from Elisha and washed in the river. All people have a sin problem that leads to death. We all need a Healer. When we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, God forgives our sin and heals us.

Sing Together.

Singing is an important way to reinforce and memorize important biblical truths. Our worship pastor has provided links to songs your kids will actually hear in our worship service each week.

Close in prayer.

Take a moment to recap what you’ve learned and ask God to help you believe and obey the truths of the Bible. Pray for any other needs you are aware of as well.

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