Family Devotion – Deborah and Barak

Bible Reading for this Week

Directions: Read the Bible story as a family this week. If the story is too long, use a children’s bible or summarize the story in your own words.

Judges 4-5

Highlights from the Story

  • Deborah was judging the nation of Israel.
  • God commanded Barak to fight Sisera.
  • Barak was afraid. So he asked Deborah to go with him.
  • Sisera was eventually killed by a woman named Jael while taking a nap.

Christ Connection

Directions: Use the Christ Connection to point your children to the gospel each week. 

God does what is for His glory and out good. God fought for the Israelites and used Deborah, Barak, and Jael to defeat Canaan. In a similar way, God uses people and events to not only save us from our enemies, but to bring about our ultimate good; salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Family Devotion Outline

  1. Gather everyone for worship.
  2. Read the story. (Use a story bible for preschoolers and younger kids)
  3. Ask the review questions.
  4. Make it fun. (Choose one or more):
    1. Play “Simon Says”. Explain how people would come to the judge to ask for guidance. The people would do what the judge said to do. Deborah told Barak to fight Sisera, but Barak was afraid.
    2. Play friendship tag. Each person links arms with a partner. Explain that Barak wanted Deborah to go with him. We can also encourage other people to do God’s will just like Deborah encouraged Barak.
    3. Play follow the leader. Explain that Barak was afraid to be the leader, so Deborah had to go to battle with him.
    4. Have your child draw a picture from the story.
      1. Deborah under the tree judging the people.
      2. Barak fighting the battle.
      3. The Israelites singing a song of praise after the battle.
  5. Apply the story to real life. (Choose one or more)
    1. The people continued to worship idols because they thought that idols would help them get what they really wanted. Discuss what kind of things people want so bad they are willing to sin to get them. Explain that these things can become idols.
    2. Following God can sometimes be scary. Barak was afraid. Talk about the importance of obeying God even when it is scary.
    3. Sometimes we need to be encouraged to do God’s will. We can also encourage others when they are afraid.
  6. Discuss the Christ Connection.
  7. Sing a worship song.
  8. Close in prayer.

Review Questions

  • Who was the judge in today’s Bible story? (Deborah)
  • Who was the commander of the Canaanite army? (Sisera)
  • What did Deborah say God had called Barak to do? (to gather an army and fight)
  • What did Barak say to Deborah? (He would go if she went with him)
  • How did the Israelites win the battle? (God confused the Canaanite army and they ran away)
  • Who defeated Sisera (Jael)
  • How does God accomplish His plan? (God uses people for HIs glory and our good)

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